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'Home is where love lives.'

The design purpose

Help young people finding their own style in interior design and let this result in a positive influence on their mood.

The design question

How can I help finding young people's style in interior design and how do I let this result in a positive influence on their mood?

Current situation

On the moment young people find it hard to find their own style in interior design. The problems they come across are the following items; budget, lacking creativity and the current market of solutions that they can't associate themselves with.

For a school assignment 'Design Challenge' we call it, I've designed this interior book with an important purpose. 

The 16th of may I moved out and went living on my own in Kralingen Rotterdam. I expected it to be easy to live on my own and design an interior I love. At the end I came across some difficulties like budget, the effect of colors in my home and many more stuff I did not know I would have to deal with.

Along the way of my journey I shared a lot with pride about my progress of my home on social media. I received a lot of DM's from students who also struggle with finding their style with the budget they have. I started giving them tips and there was the idea; why not design a solution for young people, some kind of handbook to help them and inspire. 

During my design process I came across a lot of interesting problems and information about my target audience and my research and solutions resulted in an amazing book witch I'm very proud of. So are you curious how I did this? Then read along!

Let's start

What's next?

I started with some deskresearch on what the current market has to offer; interior books, magazines and blogs, and I came to the conclusion that everything is focussed on older people with more budget. 

So that is a problem I needed to fix. My next questions were; Does your interior has influence on your mood? And came across super much information hidden on the internet about the effects and how I immediately thought about how my target group could play with these. Also came across a lot of helpful tips an trix, and wondered why these did not reach my target group yet. 

That made me decide to do some field research. I chose for a form that my target group could fill in, the results were pretty clear. I could confirm that their main issue was money and not knowing where to buy a product that is nice looking, a good quality and with a fair price. They also said that they are interested in the effect of interior and colors but they just did not think of it before. So I think there is a interesting beginning there. 

The results from the field research I processed in persona's, an empathy map and design guidelines for my concept. With results I have a better idea of what my target group needs, this helps me with finding a solution.

Because the original idea started on social media, I decided to invite the target group to a co-creation. I did one face to face session and an instagram Q&A. It was amazing to work so close on this project with the people who need a solution.

Go social.

Long story short, the results were amazing. I was full of new insights and inspiration because of working with the target group so closely.

> The making of moodboards with the participant resulted in inspiration. She also said that she never thought of moodboards but it helped her with imagining her new interior.

> Must haves of the solution; Visuals, quotes, tips, prices, tools on how to design a space.

The instagram Q&A was also a big succes. 186 people voted 'yes' when I asked if they would like a interior book with solutions to their problem. That's 91%!


To categorize all the info that I collected I used a lot of different creative techniques

- COCD Box

- Indicate data

- The Moscow method

And many more.


Creativity techniques are methods that encourage creative actions, whether in the arts or sciences. They focus on a variety of aspects of creativity, including techniques for idea generation and divergent thinking, methods of re-framing problems, changes in the affective environment and so on. They can be used as part of problem solving, artistic expression, or therapy.

Perfect for this project!

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