'I only want to design ethically responsible concepts, I want to stand for what I do and be proud of it.'

When a designer pursues this goal to always keep the ethics, your ethics, your values in mind, this will result in being proud and always standing for what you do. Even when it involves declining projects when they are not matching my ethics.

To reach this goal I always ask myself 3 questions; 'Do I think this is ethically responsible?' 'Do i stand for it?' and most importantly 'Am I proud of it?'

In my opinion if your designs result in respect and solidarity, you make the world a bit better.

Step by step. 

Keeping the first goal in mind we jump into to into the next one. When I accomplish to keep my values in mind, I will design for a better world.

As designers we tend to forget how much effect we have on the world around us. With one concept you can change someone's perspective on things or even life.


In the world we live in there is too much egoism, corruption, and fake images about ourselves created by the media. My designs will be targeted to result in respect and solidarity, bringing people together in a positive way, because I think this world needs a whole lot of it.

When you identify as a people's person in life and pursue this as designer, you will never choose money above the wellbeing of your user.

Too many designers do this; choosing money instead of the well-being of a user, of a person. As a result of this there are a lot of concepts, products, commercials, etc. on the markets that give people a false image and make them feel insecure about themselves. 

I identify as a people's person designer.

Thank you.

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